Flight areas

Bages with views of Montserrat

The mountain of Montserrat, due to its singularity and majesty, has become one of the most known and overflown areas of the Catalan territory. The region of Bages, only 45-minutes drive from Barcelona, offers us the most spectacular view of the Montserrat massif. A balloon flight in the heart of Catalonia also offers us an impressive panoramic view of the Pyrenees and Osona region. The maximum flight height will be 1200 meters.

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Image Bages with views of Montserrat

La Cerdanya

Cerdanya is, par excellence, the ideal region for mountain and outdoor activities lovers. From one of the most extensive and impressive valleys in Europe, Cerdanya offers us an ideal environment to fly over. The mountainous group formed by Sierra del Cadí and the French Pyrenees gives us a unique view from an aerial perspective. From approximately 1500 meters high, Cerdanya will captivate us at any time of the year flying over few typical high mountain villages, green meadows and many spectacular views

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Image La Cerdanya


Solsonès, called the region of the thousand masias, offers us an intact and rural nature landscape. This region combines cultivated fields with great extensions of forest, rivers and high mountain areas. A balloon flight over Solsona, the capital of the region, provides us with the opportunity to see of one of the cities with the richest historical heritage in Catalonia. Globes Pirineu fully endorses Solsonès as one of the Catalonia areas with more attractive landscaping to fly over in our balloons. That is why our offices and our operations centre are located in Solsona!

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Image Solsonès