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Balloon flight in Catalonia


Admire the silhouette of the most emblematic mountain in Catalonia or enter in the impressive valley of La Cerdanya.

Each flying area has its own particular charm!

Balloon flight choosing area

Description of the activity

We will ride on the hot air balloon for approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes through one ofour zones to choose, LA CERDANYA OR BAGES WITH VIEWS OF MONTSERRAT.

We will complement the flight with a champagne toast and a snack with local products at the end of the activity, and you will receive a instantly printed photo of your flight.

Our pilots will take photos during the whole activity, so you will have a unique memory of the experience!

The flight includes:

  • Balloon flight through Bages or La Cerdanya

  • Breackfast with local products

  • A toast with champagne

  • Photos of the flight


  • Instantly printed photo with custom photo frame

    • Our shared baskets are for 4 to 10 passengers for a more familiar and exclusive experience!

        Expiration: 365 days from purchase.

Number of passengers

  • 180€

  • 100€

Nota informativa: Todos nuestros billetes son libres de fecha y tienen una caducidad de 365 días desde la compra. Una vez realizado el pago recibirás un email con los billetes de vuelo, donde hay toda la información necesaria para ponerse en contacto con nosotros y así escoger el día deseado para realizar la actividad. En caso de querer una fecha concreta, póngase en contacto con nosotros antes de la compra.