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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a balloon flight?

Can children fly?

Yes, but we would recommend children should be at least 5 years old to fly.

How high does a hot air balloon flies?

The height, just as the direction is determined by the wind and the flight zone. Depending on the location we will be able to fly higher or lower.

Will it be cold in the balloon?

During the balloon ride the thermal sensation is the same as on the ground. However, we recommend you to bring suitable footwear such as sneakers or boots and normal outdoor clothing.

Can you steer a hot air balloon?

We can steer it using the heat to ascent or descent, and the wind layers to move horizontally. Depending on the height of the balloon we will be going to one direction or another, the same happens with the speed. This is where the pilot's skill and knowledge play to direct the balloon wherever he wishes in order to have a great flight experience.

What do we do if there is bad weather?

The balloon flight depends mostly on the meteorology, for this reason, we are mindful at all times of the forecasts given by our meteorologists. So, we will confirm the ride the day before flying. In case the meteorological conditions change at the time of takeoff, the pilot will postpone the ride and there will be no additional extra charge.

Do children pay the same?

No, children up to 10 years old pay 100€.

Will I feel vertigo?

No, the fact of not having a specific point of reference touching the ground avoids this feeling.

Why do we have to fly so early?

It's important to fly early in the morning because it's when the atmosphere is calmer and less windy.