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Festive/captive flights

Festive/captive flights

The spectacularity and attractiveness of the hot air balloons make them a distinctive element in any public or private act.

A captive ride consists of having a hot air balloon attached to the ground in a specific place, making 20 meters rises and permitting 4 to 5 passengers up in the basket each time

The captive rides are an ideal participatory element for trade fairs, concerts, companies, private parties, or any large outdoor event.

In order to perform the activity it is necessary an obstacle-free location of about 40x40 m.
The activity has a duration of 1h 30min with the possibility of increasing it with a supplement.

The best time to carry out the captive is in the early morning or late afternoon, since the weather conditions are optimal.

Price: 850€ + IVA (VAT/taxes)


  • An additional half hour up to a maximum of 3 hours: 250€

  • Banner with customized logo on the basket (1mx1m): 150€

  • Special banner on the balloon's sail (3mx10m): 1.500€

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